Wednesday, January 18, 2006


So does this kind of Shawerma make you lose weight????
and here I thoughtit was MARADONA....!!!

my bad, but where is this shawarma den located....?!?!
(I think I wanna try the "don't cry for me argentina" sandwich, maybe take pics with the dancers... I mean the staff)

I think your blog is totally humiliating and nasty, do you really think you're superior to these people? Go get a life and do something more uselful than whatever you think your achieving in life
"naked truth" usually leaves a name and a reference, it's ok to criticize people and post your own opinion, but the way you have done it is childish, unprofessional. I know Zeid personally and I know that his point is to show how ridiculous some of our ADs are, and this is his way of showing "constructive criticism", if he wanted to act as you did, he could just be cursing advertisment agencies all day long, and that's how I feel.

Get some clothes on, the truth is here.
These ads are classic in representing a point in time in the Middle East. The author who posted them has no ill intentions, infact I think he is promoting these businesses indirectly. My message to the insecure out there: There is nothing that blogs will do about your insecurities. My suggestion is either prayer, read a book on overcoming insecurity or write me and I can try to help you resolve issues from your childhood !
naked truth, you have revealed your private parts, the least you could is reveal who you are. a mocker perhaps? to what ever extent one might agree with your point, there are ways to approach such arguments.
zeid has an eye for the funny and most of us seem to like keep up the good work zeid.
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