Saturday, January 28, 2006 here i come

Hello everyone, I have now joined the talasim team, all my ads posts are going to be posted there on daily basis, be sure to check it out.

What is Talasim?
i loved the idea and the great design, wish you success on your new domain, best wishes!
from were did u came up with such a name? talasim
i like both your sites "blogs" .. really funny.. keep it up Jeido!
and good luck with the new one..
ma3 hobbi wa ashwaki..
al mukhlisa..
SimSem... "The Great" ;)
its a nice!
"Khalssa".. The Great.. :P

nice site

mahjoob forums
Amazing site!
what i suppose to comment on anything named 6alasim,,, i can only think of one and only one word "6agi3" lol
Great step zeid, keep on making me smiling each morning.
hatha ishi jameel! :>
Its really sad, i have to admit that you are a talented guy, but you should spend your time thinking how to improve and enhance people's mentality in order to have decent ads in our lovely jordan.
إلى الأخ العزيز زيد

ألف مبروك على هذا الموقع الجديد

العبد المسكين عماد
I voted you as my fav blog of the year.. you are amazing I'm crying at work even my coworker thinks im mad!
I have a question for you - What happens to power ads in case of power outtage?
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